Through the Fire and Flames, the Dodge Challenger SRT ® Demon Delivers

It Doesn’t Matter if You’re From Abbeville or Broussard, You’ll Enjoy the Performance Capabilities of this Vehicle

Dodge built this version of the Dodge Challenger with one thing in mind, be the best. Using innovative thinking and a laser focus on making this vehicle a high-performing muscle car, Dodge engineers have created a completely unique vehicle.

How did they do it? For starters, they equipped this vehicle with a Supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI ® SRT Demon V8 engine. This is an all new-engine, designed specifically for the Dodge Challenger SRT ® Demon. This engine works in tandem with a function Air-Grabber ™ hood scoop and Torque Reserve Launch System to keep this vehicle performing at peak levels.

Dodge engineers also employed some creative thinking when designing this vehicle. They decided to use the air conditioning unit to cool the intercoolers of the vehicle. They are also the first to put a transbrake in a production vehicle. This is normally a feature that is used in drag racing! No wonder the Dodge Challenger SRT ® Demon performs the way that it does. Abbeville drivers may be interested to know that this vehicle is the first-ever factory production car to achieve a front wheel lift at launch, just like a drag racing vehicle!

this vehicle has a zero to 60 mph of only 2.3 seconds! 

Drivers from Youngsville LA to New Iberia and back to Lafayette LA may be happy to know that this vehicle has a zero to 60 mph of only 2.3 seconds! Its powerful engine can reach up to 840 horsepower. This means that it has more horsepower than any other production car.

What else is there to this powerful vehicle? It is equipped with Brembo Brakes with slotted two-piece rotors to give it superior braking performance. With a vehicle that can move as fast as this, it is important to have a set of quality brakes. The interior is also accented with a suede performance steering wheel and stylish demon logo. Dark brushed interior accents line the vehicle while you relax in its stylish seats.

If you’re interested in this innovative and new vehicle, give us a call or visit us today! We can go over some of the other features of this vehicle and see if we can get you in for a test drive.

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